Breast Cancer

Beat Breast Cancer Self-Hypnosis

It has been proven that there is a strong mind-body connection in successful healing of breast cancer.

When you have and emotion or thought it produces a feeling, which turns into a physical sensation.

Self-hypnosis has been used very successfully to access this connection and to enable cancer sufferers to heal.

Self-hypnosis uses positive suggestions or visualisations to produce positive emotions which in turn produce positive changes in the body to aid in self-healing.

These programs offer powerful guided visualisations in language that is hypnotically charged and specifically designed to access the vast, mighty power of the subconscious mind to bring about healing in the shortest possible time.

A professionally designed self-hypnosis program will prompt you to explore if there is any conscious or subconscious benefit or need to maintain the disease.

It will then help you to let go of this need and build new positive thought habits that support good health and healing.

The hypnosis will help you to strengthen your belief that you can and will heal from breast cancer easily and effortlessly.

The self-hypnosis program may prompt you to learn what attracted the cancer to you in the first place.

Your subconscious mind is very powerful and it does not differentiate between imagined and real events.

The hypnosis program will guide you through a creative visualisation where you imagine yourself cleansing, repairing and healing the damaged areas of your body.

Then expelling all the disease out of your body.

Traditional therapies for breast cancer include surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and drug therapy.

Most of these techniques destroy or weaken the body's natural immune system.

Natural therapies deal with cancer by using nontoxic biological substances, detoxification, nutritional therapies and mind-body therapies.


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