Increased Fertility

 Increased Fertility Self-Hypnosis

For women, the intricate process of ovulation, fertilization, the fertilized ovum's journey through the fallopian tubes and its attachment in the uterus must all work perfectly for a pregnancy to occur.

Infertility can be caused by a problem of the male partner's, tubal damage, ovulatory problems, endometriosis and unexplained problems one of which might be subconscious of resistance to allowing successful pregnancy to occur. Infertility could also be caused by emotional factors such as stress and fear.

It has been proven that there is a mind-body connection in successful fertility.

Self-hypnosis can be used to access this connection to enable you to reach your goals of health and well being.

When you have an emotion, it produces a feeling, which turns into a physical sensation.

Self-hypnosis uses positive suggestions or visualizations to produce positive emotions which in turn produce positive sensations in the body to aid in self-healing.

Self-hypnosis allows you to access this connection to help yourself visualize successful fertilization and overcome subconscious barriers that are preventing success.

It allows you to gain more control over your life and especially over negative subconscious programming that you may not even be aware of.

Your subconscious mind is very strong and powerful and can influence your reproductive success. It is where all your habits and automatic responses are stored.

The things you do without thinking, without effort. It is where you store the subconscious habits you developed as a kid and continue to develop.

Your subconscious can be your best friend or worst enemy. It will act upon whatever you consciously give it.

By using hypnosis you can program or re-program your subconscious mind to let go of thought patterns and habits that are limiting your fertility.

The great wonderful thing is that with self-hypnosis programs you now hold the key.

Self-hypnosis programs which have been designed by an experienced hypnotherapist enable you to access the vast, mighty power of their subconscious mind allowing you to program yourself for success and achieve your goals in the quickest, shortest possible time.

Hypnosis is physical and mental relaxation, allowing direct access to the subconscious mind, where suggestion and visualization are used to maximum effect.

Self-hypnosis programs use hypnotic language that is specifically designed to reach and act on your subconscious mind to bring about lasting change in your life.

In essence we become what we think.

Hypnotic suggestion is powerful motivator which helps you form new thought habits, behavior and attitudes.

By changing our thoughts we can change our options.

Self-hypnosis allows you to use positive suggestions that have been specifically formulated by a hypnotherapist to allow you to be open to accept change and renewal.

They allow opportunity to knock on your door to provide with a plethora of options for making your reality into one that flows with life and can include physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

The positive suggestions that are delivered through self-hypnosis access your mind-body connection and help effect change in your body and boost it back to health.

The programs allow you access to your subconscious mind to re-program and guide yourself to successful fertility.

You can also increase your reproductive success by following a healthy diet, taking vitamins and supplements, exercising and ensuring you have a healthy body weight.

It is recommended that you avoid cow's milk, which is high in estrogens, soy products and chemicals such as insecticides to increase your chances of fertility.

Good foods to eat include elderberries, parsley, guava, rose hips, squash, romaine, almonds, spinach, asparagus, broccoli, molasses, maple syrup, egg yolks, brown rice lentils, peas, liver and royal jelly.

Natural therapies to aid fertility include acupuncture, aromatherapy, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, reflexology and self-hypnosis.


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