About My Book

From Stress to Success

Man has always suffered from stress, although the triggers have changed many times throughout history. When we lived in caves our stress was related to whether we were going to be eaten or eat that day. As As life evolved, it was stress that drove us to improve ourselves and the things around us - solid buildings to protect us when we slept at night, tools to make our tasks more manageable, weapons to protect us and so on.

What has changed then, you may ask?

The way the world is evolving we are finding it more and more difficult to avoid stressors in our lives.
Think about the stress the whole world is going through with Covid -19 and the global impact it is having!
We are not able to avoid stress, however what is possible is to learn to manage stress in our lives.
This book is filled with easily implementable techniques to help us cope and deal with those things that normally would push us to our limits.

The book is written in an easy conversationalist manner to purposefully nudge you without felling overwhelmed to take back control of your life.

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