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Prosperity Planning Self-Hypnosis

A very important part of accepting new beliefs and change is to make them into automatic habits.

Things that you do automatically without having to consciously think about them.

As humans, we are naturally resistant to change. It takes the average person a minimum of 21, conscious repetitions of a new behavior, before they replace an old habit with a new one.

So reading the self-help book once is not enough.

There is an easy and effective way of changing habits and building new subconscious programs.

You can use self-hypnosis and guided visualization to access and re-program your subconscious mind in order to bring about lasting change in the shortest possible time.

Professionally designed self-hypnosis programs enable you to access thought patterns, attitudes and beliefs that you may not even be consciously aware off and replace them with new ones.

Hypnosis is both physical and mental relaxation.

Allowing direct access to the subconscious where suggestion and visualization can be used to maximum effect.

Self-hypnosis programs use potent hypnotic suggestions which have been subliminally charged to bring about improvements in your life from day one.

Those who are not experiencing their world as rich and abundant, are on some level believing in scarcity programming rather than abundance.

They can use self-hypnosis to identify these limiting beliefs and replace them with new ones.

Before you can fully accept abundance, you need to believe that the universe is an infinitely good, nourishing place for all of us to be. Hypnotic visualization will help you to realistically imagine yourself as a successful, satisfied, prosperous and fulfilled person.

Self-hypnosis programs give you an effective tool that you can use to program yourself to have the point of view that the universe is totally abundant.

That it is a cornucopia of everything that you could ever desire, materially, emotionally and spiritually.

They will enable you to manifest abundance and realize your dreams for financial, emotional and spiritual success.


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